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Taylor Satterfield
Dr. Schrag
COM 250
30 April 2014
Comprehensive Essay #3 In the last several chapters of the course, our textbook explains the Internet, computers, electronic games, persuasion, and living in a world of change. Connected, these topics could develop a multitude of discussions about their evolution and future in the world of communication. Over time, all of these topics have seemed to become intertwined and invented new ideas and one that I think has had a major impact in our world today is video games. Since the beginning of their time, videa games have affected our communication and socialization technique. As Dr. Schrag mentioned in his lecture, one of the biggest concerns with video games is whether or not online interaction enhances or hinders interpersonal experiences (The Computer as Uber Container). As mentioned before, for the sake of video games, it was very necessary for all of the advancements before them to blend. Before exploring the creation of video games, it is vital that we first explore the invention of the computer. Originally, computers were not designed for personal use. The computer was intended for “scientific, government and business use” (Fang 191). Interestingly enough, the abacus was one of the first devices with which we used to calculate (Fang 187). Obviously, innovations to the computer progressed over time. Apple began to sell the first personal Apple II computer for $1,195 in 1977 ( When I was younger, our home computer was very bulky and light gray. It was a desktop computer. Since then, we have had several other types of computers. For Christmas on year, I received a Dell desktop computer that my parents allowed me to have in my room. It was black and had a flat screen. Now, I have a MacBook Pro. Looking back, it is compelling to see how far the computer has come and how many different models and designs there currently are. Seeing as there was a time when there was no such thing as a laptop, the need for portability and accessibility has definitely taken the computer to the next level. Growing up my dad was always into video games and electronics so naturally I became interested for a short while. I had a Nintendo 64 as well as a pink GameBoy Advance. I also enjoyed playing games on the computer, which had more “girly” options than Mario Cart. Of course, I needed the Internet to access these games. The Internet began as ARPANET, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, which allowed people to share data and programs on their computers through a connection (Fang 203). When using the Internet to access video games, it never occurred to me that this was not the initial use of the innovation. Even today, I take the use of Internet for granted and fail to realize that it hasn’t always been this way. According to the process model, the need for faster and easier communication arose from the creation of the computer and Internet. Video games and computers go hand in hand when talking about technology. The excitement of video games sparked the need to buy computers (Fang 215). Statistics show that nearly three-quarters of all households in America play video games (Fang 216). Graphics and sounds in these video games have increased tremendously over the years. In fact, a friend of mine has a basketball video game and I have mistaken it for a live basketball game before. Social media is especially correlated with video games, computers, and the Internet. The computer is the medium on which you can play video games, and the Internet makes that possible. I believe that video games are definitely a type of social media. Nowadays, users can connect through video games with people in different places. The 9-year-old I babysit can log on to his PlayStation, connect to the Internet, and play against his neighbor down the street. He can even play randomly with people throughout the country. Video game activity has a huge impact on the way that game brands will try to