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Influence of Video Games on Youth Behavior
Problem statement since the 80s, video games have been criticized by uncertain visceral environments which accused among the game of creating violent, antisocial behavior and cause players articulatory problems. many of these criticisms are produced without any scientific evidence to support the accusation, but it is undeniable that the arguments in video games can convey some violent and aggressive scenes; if a game with an appropriate argument can facilitate the education of a child, it is not unreasonable to think that a violent argument can also influence the behavior of the player in his social life. in this country many people are influenced by video games in some behaviors may also be precursors of apathy in so impressionable young beings: such as people or teenagers. in this work diagnose most teenagers desire manipulates an environment where you can facilitate the use of a video game, and therefore different cases reaction of a "video player" to execute actions of daily life. from the games that teens are entertained, you can get to get an notion of society and can help differentiate what behaviors are correct and which are not, leading to video games to be a harmful weapon within society, can also be used with intent to manipulate and confuse the person on how to act and think; some teenagers want to imitate violent fit in original observed. Anderson and dill (2000) argue that the VDJ positive correlation with aggressive behavior and violent crime, especially in individuals who are characteristically aggressive and in greater proportion for men.
Presented in 1999 was one of the largest massacres in the history of our, country still young adolescents in high school victims, variously questioned about what it was that which led to the killers to commit this dreadful slaughter, some studies indicate that there is a very strong relationship between a gamer and murderers the relationship is this, young murderers were planning this for several months, plans on how to commit this had been planned for some time. They created websites, which perhaps at first was only themselves known for their anger and show about that. They did not like his school, but later real their purpose would carry out the crime. These young people had a relationship with computers so were also video players, so that was probably one of his most violent games brought` to real life. justification the purpose of this paper is to identify those who like to video games and we have been affected in many ways by them, and these same behaviors have been victims beyond our control, this phenomenon can be seen in anyone this enough attached to video games. assuming that learning in early life is associated with all activities that practice, the topic of video games can be a worrying point; because