Video Games Are More And More Popular To The Young All Over The World Essay

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Video games are very famous in modern society and there are more and more popular all over the world. According to the experts, games always cause many bad effects on young people. I partly agree with this argument because everything has both strong and weak points. Video games have some bad effects on the young people. First of all, the young people waste so much times to play video games. They spend a lot of times on it so they don’t have times to eat, sleep, and take care yourselves. In addition, they don’t communicate with each other. Because you just want to play games more and more time so you don’t pay times to go out with your friend, chat with your family or do outdoor activities. Therefore, playing video games a lot which may leads to destroy communication among friends and family. The second impact of playing video games is that it made them become addict to it. People who are addicted to video games cannot concentrate on studying so their study will get bad results. In particular, their minds always think about the games so that they cannot pay attention on anything around them and they become to be lack face to face communication.
Moreover, playing too much video games result in doing less exercise. For example, doing less exercise may cause obesity which is one-third of American children is facing. It is really not good for their heath. Also, children who play video games a lot are tend to be more violent