Video Games Argumentative Essay

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John, a teenager, comes home from school and immediately picks up the remote to turn on the television. An advertisement pops up from the screen featuring the latest video game, Clash of the Titans. The game features a multiplayer online battle arena that pits teams of players against each other and with each team helping each other and working out strategies to emerge victorious. However, as he nags his parents to buy him the game, his mother is actually worried for she views video games as counterproductive. But the game industry is huge and it covers a large variety of experiences. Although video games are viewed as counterproductive to children, the writers believe that video games are actually advantageous because it exercise the brain, develop hand-eye coordination, and to improve strategic skills.
Back in the late 1980s, simple video games are used by physio and occupational therapists to medicate people with holistic range from physical to cognitive-related problems (Steffens, 2009). However, today video games purposely provide enjoyment to millennial and considered as a stress-reliever somehow. Video games are also referred to as a primary medium for entertainment especially to children. Moreover, there are various instances that researchers claimed video games as not only therapeutic but also educational.
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Video games exercise the brain which is a useful function. In one study, Professor Simone Kuhn from the Max-Planck Institute of Human Development, in Berlin, used f MRI (functional MRI) technology to study the effects of video games on the brain. The results showed that three areas of the brain had grown, specifically the prefrontal cortex, right hippo campus and cerebellum which encompasses in navigation and fine motor control (BBC News, 2015).With this, it shows that video games exercise and amp the human