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UK Connected TV Platforms
An Overview


The Connected Set is a specialist connected-TV agency. We help content owners & publishers create services to expand their reach & monetise their content via IPTV, TV
Apps, TV widgets & converged TV formats.
We’re a mix of former TV & digital execs having worked for companies including the BBC,
Channel 4, Viacom & Telegraph Media Group. We understand TV consumers, we promote the
‘lean back’ TV experience, & we place users at the heart of our creative thinking. Our services include strategic planning, concept development, platform negotiation, product delivery & product support.
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Connected TV will fuse TV & the web, enabling a new generation of content services, channels & TV Apps. People already use their TVs 4 hours a day . Now all publishers have an opportunity to leverage their brand & content in this new environment.

FutureSource project that there will be 5.6 million connected TVs in the UK by the end of this year, & 28 million (100% penetration) by 2014.
CE manufacturers, pay-TV operators, consoles, broadcasters & tech companies are all vying for market share: 2011 will see Virgin Media start to roll out its new connected
TiVo service to their 3.7million customers, & late 2011/2012 will see the launch of
YouView, projected to reach 8.3million homes by 2015 . Samsung have already reached
2 million downloads from their TV app store. Add in the 20 million consoles in the UK ready to connect to the web & you have a vibrant but highly fragmented market.

*1 Thinkbox Report, 4 May 2010 |
*2 Value Partners ‘Report for BBC Trust on the model to assess the impact of Canvas on the TV market’ (Dec 2009)


New platform launches

The existing players up their game or fade away

The Platforms in Detail

A hybrid broadcast and broadband service combining Freeview DTT content (including
HDTV, DVR capabilities) and on-demand services. The platform will also host third party internet connected applications.
Type: Open Platform
Launches: Officially mid 2011, most likely late 2011 or early 2012
Pricing: Subscription free to consumers. Free to manufacturers to incorporate with their hardware. Set top box expected to cost up to £200.
Services: TV channels (free and paid), radio stations, on-demand services (free and paid), 7 day catch up services, TV apps, IP multicast.
Confirmed content providers: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, SeeSaw, BT Vision, TalkTalkTV
Demographics: Young male skew if comparable to iPlayer use (57% male, 43% female. 42% aged 15-34, 40% aged 35-54, 18% 55+). Projected uptake of 4million YouView devices by
2015, high case scenario of 8.3million.
Developer information: It will be an open platform for 3rd party content developers (apps/ widgets/VOD etc). HTML 4, HTML 5 and Flash compatible. Media playback H.264, FLV
Stakeholders: Jointly owned by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva (formerly known as project Canvas).
Investment: £115.6million over first 4 years, plus £50million on marketing.
Transactional Model: No set payment provider. YouView unlikely to ask for revenue share from 3rd parties but there will be placement costs.

Virgin Media TiVo platform will include an expanded on-demand/V.O.D. service
(movies and TV), a 7 day catch up service and native TV apps, available to Virgin
Media television subscribers.
Type: Proprietary service available via the Virgin Media platform.
Launch: TiVo launch in 2011 Q1 to existing customers.
Pricing: TiVo box costs £199 + £40 installation and required a Virgin Media TV XL subscription
(£23.50/month). On demand films 99p-£3.99 each for SD, £3.99-£5.99 for HD/3D.
Services: Free catch up services: iPlayer (since 2008), ITVPlayer, 4oD, DemandFive, former
LivingTV Group channels (Living, Bravo, Challenge, Channel 1, etc). Free ‘TV