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1) Currently, Rocketboom has an ad pop-up when any video is being played, as well as an ad at the bottom of its website. One of the ways that Rocketboom could generate more revenue is by including advertisements in its video downloads, just as CBC or CTV television do with their online videos. Another way they could earn revenue is by showcasing the various software platforms that have helped them reach their audience. They could solidify these gains by gaining audience, and bringing up issues that'll attract the audience and make them want to keep coming back to Rocketboom.

2) Unlike traditional television companies, Rocketboom has limited their structure to a producer, writer, and editor. They don’t have the corporate overhead interfering with their choices in programming. Their niche is that they have taken Rocketboom online, as the majority of us surf the internet more than watch television. They have also developed their own software and programs such as Wikiboom. They've made the company successful through transitional software. As the founder of Rocketboom Andrew Baron mentioned in the video, this structure is how they became a pioneer in video blogging.

3) A firm understanding of IT as well as business has allowed Rocketboom to create an interactive community content driven business that can quickly adapt to necessary hardware and software updates in order to keep the flow of information going smoothly. Without this, they would not be able to build their audience with the use of Wikiboom or voice text video search, which ensure smooth operation of the website and video play or downloads.

4) Every business could be impacted…