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Yvonne Pacina
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06 August 2014
Video Summaries
The Pacific Rim – 02 July 2014 The Pacific Rim touches six distinct locations: California, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. In Long Beach, California, there is a common culture shared among the Metropolitan basin as there are a bustling variety of Caucasian Anglos, Asians, Latinos, and African Americans. Following the World War I, profits moved away from war mobilization and onto aerospace technology and manufacturing. Malaysia’s natural resources consist of oil, tin, natural gas, trees, and rubber latex. Mass production allows numerous opportunities overseas. In fact, many international students are sent to the US for education and further expand business relations. The United States draws the most population from all over the world.
College INC – 07 July 2014 The business of higher education is gradually increasing. College is a $400 billion industry fueled by taxpayer money, and there is a controversy over what students get out of such a deal. In one perspective, critics say a worthless degree and immense debt allows students to become innovators and widen their access to education. In another, critics state that college is useless as many are just left with debt. In addition, incentive payment is based off of how many students they employ. Student debt is a popular issue in Congress; most students are at default. This video discusses for-profit colleges and universities; it examines their recruitment methods, their online curriculum, and connections to big business.
Phar-Mor – 07 July 2014 Michael “Mickey” Monus is the co-founder and president of Phar-Mor. He is the company’s youngest entrepreneur who, in less than ten years, built the Phar-Mor from one store to three hundred in thirty-three states; annual sales rang up of $3 billion. He is charged with 109 counts of fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of justice. This video tells the story of Phar-Mor's quick rise and fall and exposes how, for five years, the company was able to hide a $500 million shortfall from the company's auditors. The investigation includes interviews with the Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. attorneys, accountants, and former employees of Phar-Mor determine how mounting losses worked through fraudulent accounting schemes.
Grass Roots (The Federal Reserve of San Francisco) – 09 July 2014 The Federal Reserve of San Francisco makes a percentage of influence towards the supply and credit for the country. It is the federal bank for the twelfth district in the United States. It consists of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington; it also includes the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and Guam. The twelfth district is the nation’s largest by area and population, and it also has one of the largest collections of U.S. paper money in the United States. The Board of Directors’ Agenda comprises of operations review, economic roundtable, and determining the discount rate. The monetary policy affects the northwest region of California as a whole.
The Persuaders – 14 July 2014 Media critic Douglas Rushkoff examines how changes in marketing practices are influencing the country’s culture and politics. The film shows how advertisers attempt to break through the mess they have made and look for new ways to reach potential customers. In addition, the documentary compares the past to the present, as there were distinct differences between products. The job of advertising back then was to only highlight what the product did, but now the real emphasis is upon what the product means. This marketing trend is clearly shown thrown the creation of Delta’s new low-cost air carrier, Song. Marketing techniques are even applied to politics, as the change of language clarifies issues.
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Building the Dream) – 14 July 2014 Entrepreneurship is an acquired discipline and it can