The History Of Television

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Why i chose this topic
Awhile back I had found out that my dad had taken a television history class in collage. I had become curious and I asked a lot of questions, but he didn’t really know all the answers. I began to research myself and I became very interested in it. So that’s how I got the idea of choosing the history of television as my topic. I figured since I had already done some research about this topic before I thought it would be nice to have more information for something that I had loved in the past.
How I got my research
First I started by going on the internet and try finding some sources related to my topic to take notes. I felt that it would be good to have some more information so I started looking for any movies, books, cd’s that might have been helpful or useful to me. Luckily I had found a video for the anniversary of the television. It was very helpful because it had given me facts and information that had helped me a lot. I had later found out that there was a museum of radio and television in los angles! Once I found out about that I started looking into more detail for this museum. The museum provided great information and it was very exciting and fun in my opinion. I had taken many notes from the museum so that way I would remember parts that I maybe could have forgot. I didn’t just take notes in the museum, I had wrote down everything that I researched or information that was useful to know or even when I was reading books about television. I had also one to my public library to get information because I still felt that maybe it needed to learn or find out more.
How I got my documentary together and ready
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