Vienna: Vienna and Christmas Town Essay

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Ondrej Kucerak
2nd Period
My Christmas town – Vienna. First time I came to my favourite Christmas town when I was 12. I was so stunned by the fancy decoration as I never seen before. Every year they got over 300 huge ornamental balls on the square. Me and my friends went to their typical Christmas workshops, where you can make your own presents. They got most wonderful Christmas markets that I have ever seen. You can buy there some really good sweets like caramel apples, or something typical like Spretzel or Wiener Schnitzel. A Wiener Schnitzel have to be made from veal and no other meat. If you make Schnitzel from another meat and sell it as Wiener Schnitzel it is consider as serious crime according to the Austrian law. When you go to the center on Stephansplatz you can see so much great chocolate stores. Here you can buy chocolate of any flavor, color or shape. Here, I have been in Starbucks for the first time. All of us had a gingerbread coffee and it was so delicious. Now every year we go there and have the same coffee at least once. There is also world’s oldest zoological park called Tiergarten Schönbrunn. It was built in 1752. There are much exotic animals which you can see either today, like pandas or lions. Viennese young people receive the right to vote in elections at age 16 but may first earn their driver license at age 18 - so young voters must use Vienna's excellent tram system to place their votes on election day. The legal drinking age in Vienna is 16 with some restrictions. Vienna's most beloved park, the Prater, is home to the world's oldest wheel, and one of Europe's largest, which has 15 Gondolas. There is also one of the highest chain carousels. It’s height is over 351 feet, and offers a great scenic view of Vienna. Europe’s second largest cemetery is located in Vienna, called the Zentralfriedhof, and has a total size of 2.5 square kilometers/one square mile. The Zentralfriedhof has over 2.5 million tombs and graves, which is almost double the city’s living population. It is the final resting place of some of the most famous music personalities of the world such as Beethoven. One of the world's largest emeralds - a 4.5-inch vase that was carved from a single emerald crystal weighing 2,205 carats resides in the Viennese Imperial Treasury in the Hofburg Palace. The biggest palace in Vienna - Schönbrunn Palace, the summer palace of the Habsburgs, has more than 1440 rooms. The sewing machine was invented