Vietnam and French Indochina Essay

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Michael Sheets
French 152
The Lover

1. Life in French Indochina had a much different setting than France. The French Indochina environment seemed to revolve around living in a jungle-like setting. In, The Lover, it seemed that the French faced a completely different system of values and traditions. The French seemed to value individualism; and the Indochinese culture appreciated their collectivism. I believe that the introduction of French laws often contradicted local customs and morals, leaving a generation of people confused over which path to follow. The clothing of the French family also separated them from the Orientals living there. For example, it said that the young girl, perhaps Duras, would wear the most extravagant clothes distinguishing her from the rest. Language was similar throughout the book. Also, the young girl was trying to gain an education in boarding school; this implies that there was a French system of learning. The relationship with the Chinese man resembles the French way of love.
2. The family in, The Lover, was pitted into dire poverty because Duras’ mother was lured into putting all her savings into the purchase of a worthless plot of land, (subject to flooding by the sea) by the corrupt colonial administration. However, Duras still becomes successful because of her strength and ability to seduce. Her amazing capacity to retain love for people who are weaker than her is incredible, but her seduction is truly brilliant. She wants to make the Chinese financer "less afraid" so that he can do to her "what he usually does with women" and,