Vietnam Education Essay

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Student: Le Minh Phuong Vu
Socio 1301
Instructor: Nguyen Tuan An
Date: 15/07/2009
Midterm paper
Vietnam Education
Viet Nam, a country with more than 80 million people, is a developing country which is in the process of transition from a centrally planned to a market economy and world economic integration. Besides common challenges facing developing countries, Viet Nam is facing with greater challenges, i.e. the need to accumulate for long-term development and industrialization and modernization in parallel with the need to urgently alleviate poverty and create social equality in differently developed sectors. Beside impacts of integration, modernization, hunger alleviation and poverty reduction, sustainable
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The bad sides: However, major challenges in education still exist. Children's participation and achievement rate are significantly lower in the mountainous areas and Mekong Delta, than they are in other parts of the country. Performance rates of children, especially at the lower and upper secondary level are low. The rate of girls attending primary and secondary education in poor and ethnic minority areas remains low. Because of the sexist still happen in mind of all Vietnamese men, who keep most the family power, although access to higher education and vocational training has expanded, and the number of female students has increased significantly in both universities and secondary technical schools. Professional and technical qualifications of the Labor force remain low, especially in the rural areas. The number of women with technical qualification is still low. Fewer women than men have training of any kind, for example, in 2006; just over 12 percent of the total rural women aged 13 and over have technical qualification. The percent of women over the aged of 13 with technical qualifications was approximately 9%, while for men it was 27% in the whole country. Using the conflict theory, which emphasizes the disintegrative aspects of education, we can define the result of the problem.
“Conflict theory focuses on the competition between group of power, income, and social status, giving special attention to the prevailing