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Niela Lachica
Mrs. Burback
Advanced English 10
03 March 2015
A Vietnam War veteran : Lawrence Himmer “Once you’re alive” she’d say, “you can’t ever be dead” (O’Brien 244). The Vietnam war was a time of frustration and devastation. It changed many lives, especially those who took part in it, specifically the soldiers. Many soldiers risked and gave their lives for the country during this war but even though they are physically gone, they will never leave our hearts and minds. They would continue to be a great influence to the coming generations and a point of courage in history. This could be more understood through zooming in on one particular soldier’s life, Lawrence Himmer. The life he sacrificed by joining the war, how he served the war and the medals he received.
On July 23, 1938, Lawrence “Larry” Himmer was born from Russel Himmer of Spring
Valley and wife, Audrey Stevens of National City. He has two brothers named Russell and
James and one sister named Ruth.
He lived in Chula Vista, California. He graduated in
Sweetwater High School in 1957 where he enjoyed track n’ field, specifically the shot put.
American Hero)
Larry is married to Sharon Lynne Kammerman of 848 Magarian road.

Larry was very devoted to his family. He wanted his children to grow up to be strong and valiant individuals” (Himmer)
. He would always write to his two sons, Richard Paul Himmer and Dale
Michael Himmer and two daughters Teresa Ann Himmer Lundquist and LaShel Joyce Himmer to be good and obey their mother especially since she was pregnant with their fifth child,

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Jennifer Lana Himmer, while he was serving at the army
(Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund).
“I love you grandpa! You are a hero to all of us here! I can’t wait to meet you! I love you! Save us seats in heaven!”
. This is a quote from his grandson showing how he remains to be a massive influence to the whole family even as generations pass.
Larry was also an active member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, he held the office for elder in fallbrook for it (An American Hero)
. “
He loved the gospel and he loved his Savior Jesus
Christ. Because of his belief, he knew that Sharon and his children would be with him in the hereafter for all eternity. This faith has carried his family through the pain of his leaving for a time”
His wife also explains in this quote that it was because of his belief that he was assured that his family would be with him hereafter for all eternity. It was this faith that carried the whole family through the pain of him leaving
(Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund).
Lawrence Himmer commanded the C Company of the first battalion, 9th marines, 3rd
Marine Division. He ranked as captain and served for 8 years, from 1960 to 1968
Veterans Memorial Fund)
. He has exchanged his life at home for 8 years of bravery and fearlessness. ¨I want to thank you Lawrence Himmer, for your courageous and valiant service, your years of faithfully contributing, and your most holy sacrifice given to this great country of ours!” (Lytle). At the age of 19, Himmer passed away during his third tour of duty in Khe Sanh in Quang Tri Province of Vietnam on the 16th of april in the year 1968.
(An American Hero).
Khe Sanh was a land covered with numerous trees, plants and hills. Himmer’s death was caused by an explosive device, ground casualty. His body was discovered which is now buried in Ft Rosecran National cemetery
(Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund). “The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned
Larry’s death is one that should always

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be honored and respected. The world needs more people like him for he is a role model of who the youth should look up to and follow.
The medals he received were the National Defense…