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VN 90 MILLION COMMUNIST CONTROLLED HANOI & HCMC S2S3, Vietnam was first occupied by French colonialists in the 1858. The French, who wanted to introduce catholicism, occupied the South with the North being supported more by China and other communist allies.
The North Vietnamese were opposed to the resources such as coffee and rubber being exploited for the French ‘invaders’ capitalist gain, where as the Southern Vietnamese government was impressed with the advances in education, manufacturing techniques and infrastructure that the French had introduced.
During the WW2 the country fell under Japanese occupation but shortly after the Hiroshima bombings signalled the end of the Japanese campaign. This left the country in a ‘chaotic’ state, and as such a war between the North and South ensues between 1946 and 1956.
It was at this time that tensions were running high after the erection of ‘the iron curtain’. America were extremely concerned about the spread of communism throughout the world if the Southern Vietnamese lost their battle with the North and thus entered the war in 1956 until they left in 1975, with the fall of Saigon to the hands of the North Vietnamese, ultimately signalling the unity of the nation.

S4, The Vietnam or ‘American’ war was extremely well documented. However many experts believe that it was the use of propaganda that caused the public both in the west and in Vietnam to lose favour with the American forces. The American forces did set up a radio station in English and French but were cast as the oppressor as the French were before them.

S7, ‘The world splits into four major media regions, which are largely self-sufficient. Each of these four is based on geography, on religion and cultural tradition’
(Jeremy Tunstall,2008)
However Vietnam falls into two of these categories, the former American sympathisers of the South and the Chinese/communist sympathisers of the North. However it is important to note that the political centre is in the North and all the parliamentary decisions are made there and thus are largely influenced by communism and Chinese policies.

S8, In 1964 The USA introduced a trade embargo with North Vietnam which was
Lifted in February 1994
In 1986 Vietnam, in need of financial stimulus after post war economic stagnation, opened up the country for foreign investment.
This resulted in Vietnam becoming one of the worlds fastest growing economies for the next 20 years.
Vietnam thereby built a dependence on foreign trade to maintain this growth, and
As with other countries, along with foreign trade came popular culture and imported

The internet is now widely embraced in Vietnam, with the young population embracing modern technology and a large percentage using internet cafes or owning a portable internet accessible device. PFM%20Presentation_English.pdf (slide 37 and 38)
With an emerging middle class and large segment of young populace keen to consume western products and technology means that Vietnam’s telephone subscribers reached 123 million or 143 phones per 100 people by the end of 2009 and is increasing constantly, of which mobile phones subscriptions made up 85.2%. (GDS, 2010). According to the Nielsen Report(2010), Vietnam is added to the long list of countries where teenagers and young adults use more mobile data than any other demographic. Half of all Vietnamese aged 15-24 use mobile data. That group regularly accesses the mobile internet at triple the rate of all Vietnamese mobile users. According to MOIC, the most significant statistic related to mobiles, however, is the number of 3G network users, which was up to
9 million by the end of 2010.

S12, With such a large percentage of the population migrating from traditional to internet media platforms the government has attempted