Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War The Vietnam War which started in 1954 and lasted roughly about nineteen years all the way to 1975. The causes of the Vietnam War similar to the Cold War, and the simple belief from America that the communist ways were going to spread all over south-east Asia. America did not want the plague of communism to spread even further than what It was. Russia and the United States could not afford an all-out war against each other considering both countries have nuclear weapons at that time. Both the US and Russia had “client states that would carry on the fight for them in Vietnam.” Russia did not fight, but supported, arm, and equip the Vietnamese with the help of another communist country China. This war was basically just a one against three battle. In the Vietnam War I think it is fair to say that three million people died in this war considering how violent this war had gotten. This three million is not just counting soldiers on both sides, but everyone as a whole including some innocent civilians who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Included in these innocent civilians were many small children and babies, but this was no different than ant war. Because of this many hippies and war protesters called American Soldiers “baby killers”. I do not think it is fair to say that it was the United States Soldiers just going after Vietnam civilians; things like this happen in every war. War is a very nasty thing, and sometimes things happen that shouldn’t. With this war being a very violent one, and leading to millions of casualties I would not consider this is a holocaust. Compared to Word War II this was just as violent, but there was no one as close to Hitler going after one particular race or religion and killing them. The Vietnam War was just the United States trying to stop the spreading of the Communist Governments.
Most Vietnamese are of the Buddhist religion; Buddhism is a religion that believes in the God Buddha or also known as the “Enlightened One”. Buddha taught that suffering is eliminated when you understand the true beauty of the world. Enlightened also meant free from suffering and to possess true wisdom. Buddhists do not believe in violence, it is not because they are afraid or cannot do anything, but Buddha taught the people that if they hard others karma will come back around and somehow they will be harmed as well. There were a few riots held by Buddhists in South Vietnam, but nothing was too serious Buddhism is nowhere near the same thing as communism; Communism according to google definitions is: “a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.” In other words Buddhism is a religion and Communism is a form of government used in many parts of Asia.
There many weapons and techniques used during the Vietnam War against civilians including air strike, infantry, and chemical weapons. The United States relied a lot on air power using mainly B-52 bombers and other heavy air strikes dropping thousands of pounds of explosives all over North Vietnam and Communists targets in South Korea. Not only would the United States drop bombs on Vietnam they would also spray herbicides, almost nineteen million…