Vietnam War Essay

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Debate Case [Catch your judges’ attention with a smart introduction. Include concession, and state your position on the resolution.]

Drinking alcohol at a young is frowned upon by many people that think drinking is bad for you. But really drinking is not bad for you. It has many health benefits if you drink in moderation. But the law makes us young people wait till we are 21 experience all of the health benefits that come along with drinking in moderation. If the age limit is lowered to 18 years of age then we will be able to experience the health benefits at an earlier age.

[At the end of the introduction, clearly state your position on the issue and then briefly review your three contentions.]

We, the Affirmative have three main contentions that support our position: Firstly, 21% to 28% of men are less likely to die who drink alcohol in moderation compared to abstainers.
Also, moderate drinkers are less likely to enter a nursing home compared to abstainers.
Finally, drinking in moderation can lower the risk of getting diabetes. Contention 1: Source: [Include name, date, and explain credibility.]
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Evidence: [This means factual information that supports your argument. It’s what the source told you.]

Commentary: [This is your interpretation of the evidence. Spin it! Make sure the judges know how vital and bulletproof the evidence is to your case.]

Contention 2: Source: [Include name, date, and explain credibility.]