Vietnam War Essay

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Beth Field
CP English 4
December 3, 2014

Vietnam War

The United States got involved in Vietnam was to stop the “Domino Theory.” The domino theory is when a country becomes Communist then another becomes Communist. We got involved to help the French, who were trying to fight them before we even got involved. In July of 1950 The United States Pledged fifteen million worth of military aid to help France fight Vietnam. In the 50s Eisenhower sent advisors to help train French to retaliate against Vietnam and in the 60s JFK sent in special ops to train the military already there. In 1964, American warships were fired at by North Vietnam, but they aren’t sure who fired first. This made congress allow military to be sent into Vietnam. March 8, 1965, the first set of troops were sent into Vietnam and by December of 1968 the amount of troop reached around 540,000. Guerilla warfare was one of the major tactics used during war and it didn’t focus power in one spot. North Vietnam would not battle Americans unless they believed they would win. Each person in the NLF had to dig about three feet tunnels every day. They were not used as shelter but a fighting base. It made it so they could use there offense tactics even when the village was being taken over. One tactic used by the U.S. was body bag but, it didn’t work. They were killing as many as they could, and Vietnam just accepted death and continued the fight. The U.S. casualty went forty to one. The draft worked like a