Vietnam War and Ceiling Fan Essay examples

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This clip from Apocalypse now takes place during the Vietnam War era. The first shot was about jungle trees and dust using high contrast lighting followed by an air strike that takes over the screen along with an increased amount of dust and fire, then the fire disappears and the cloud of dust increases and takes over the screen. The next scene there is the face of a man who I believe is a soldier and based on his facial expression seems to be disturbed by his own memories. Looking up at the ceiling fan in his room he still remembers all the devastation caused by helicopters in the jungle, using a dissolve effect there is a transition between the jungle being destroyed, his room, a shot of his face while he smokes a cigarette and helicopters flying by, then the sound of a helicopter engine comes to play while the shot shows more of the soldier’s body. After that, it shows the bedside table next to him where letters and a picture of a female can be seen. The soldier seems that he is neither sleeping nor awake, but he is deeply remembering the war. There are dissolve effect transitions between areas of the room where it shows the ceiling fan and the fact that he is alone in the room and his companions are his alcoholic drink, his cigarette and the gun that is on the bed, there is another transition between the ceiling fan and his face. The transitions end there and it another shot comes along of the ceiling fan along with an increased sound of a helicopter engine where he finally realizes where he is and gets up from the bed and looks out the window to check if he is in the jungle and says (thinking to himself) “Saigon. Shit, I'm still only in Saigon. Every time I think I'm going to wake up back in the jungle.”

The Goodfellas clip the opens with a shot of two males that seem to be friends exchanging a set of car keys after that the camera zooms out a bit showing three people, two male and a female. The man (Henry) thanks who I believe is a hotel employee for taking his car keys and his date Karen asks if he was going to leave the car and he responds that he watches the car for him. The camera starts to follow the couple from behind when going down…