East Asian History And Rock Music Test Review

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East Asian History and Rock Music Test Review
1. Korea is divided by this betw. Soviet North w/ a Communist gov. and US South. During Korean War, General MacArthur was told not to go past this, but when he did to push North to China, he was fired.

2. Japan wrote a new constitution that outlawed war, after WWII. May 1947. America’s goal was to make Japan a cold war ally.

3. This band was part of the British invasion

4. Wrote folk music, protest songs against Vietnam War—“Blowing in the Wind”

5. 1954--declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students unconstitutional. The decision overturned the Plessy v. Ferguson

6. After Sun Yat-sen's death, in 1925, he took over the Nationalist party to expand territory. In 1920's, he got Shanghai (1927) and then Beijing, controlling much of China. At the time, he could be seen as most influential warlord. He also got rid of Communists in the central committee. 7. Guomingdang--Sun Yat-sen. In 1945, post WWII, Commies had clear advantage when Japanese defeated Chiang's forces on the gulf, so they fled to Taiwan! 8. During the war of liberation against the French, this was the critical battle the Viet won w/ guerilla warfare against the French in 1954. This lead to an international conference at Geneva that said Viet Minh controlled the North and there would be election for South. 9. 1958-1966= "----Backwards!" econ and soc campaign by Communist party of China, Four principles: All around development, mass motivation, political unanimity, decentralization (strong local gov) 10. See #7 11. late 1920's, leader of Communist Party of Vietnam when they start getting revolutionary ideas. Names city after him. 12. After WWII, rebuilding was fast, bc of people's hard work and nation pursuit of success through group effort--lead to production of cars, cameras, and electronics for world market 13. 1975-1979 = extensive and ruthless program to reconstruct Cambodia, wanted "purity" had genocide 14. TURNING POINT IN COLD WAR. 1950-1953 = June 25, N korea first strikes s. korea. US and UN sent troops and aid to SK, General MacArthur in command. Nov 1950 is when Chinese soldiers pour over border, 1951 pushed back July 1953 armistice signed--not peace treaty 15. Communist party did this, went to Shaanxi province in NW China, stay there until 1940's. Chiang tried to go against communists, but Jap invaded 17. 1919 = huge demonstrations in China w/ students and nationalist politicians in cities of betrayal of China's sovereignty. it was a public outrage! GOAL is to create a liberal democracy

18. See 7 19. 1955-1963 = first president of South Viet, in the wake of French withdrawal from Indochina and Geneva Accord (which splits Vietnam) 20. the French Bishop of Adran chose to support this last surviving member of Nguyen house after the Tayson Rebellion in the 1770's...in 1802, this man's armies defeated Tayson in the N and S, the proclaimed himself as the Gia Long emporer 21. vs. Tayson