Vietnam War Letter Essay

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Dear Annie, I received the package you sent a week ago and I am really grateful because our camp is running out of ration and we barely have any water left. My unit was only suppose to be on patrol for a week, but now it’s extended to three weeks because one of the other units got wiped out by the Vietcong during a guerrilla attack in the jungle. Oh wait, you probably don’t know what guerrilla warfare is, it’s when the Vietcong and North Vietnam soldiers attack suddenly and then disappear immediately into the jungle. This is actually very effective since their soldiers know the geography of the land very well while the US soldiers can barely get through the bushes and trees. Things are getting increasingly dangerous here in Vietnam. My unit is getting attacked on a regular basis during patrols and when we are searching villages. Of the fifteen Marines that were deployed into my unit, only six of the original soldiers are still standing. The rest are either in hospitals or going home in a box. We also have to search through the villages and try to locate the Vietcong, if there were any. This is very dangerous because all of the Vietnam people look the same. We are deployed into the villages with virtually no information. That means we can go into seemingly peaceful villages and have half a division of casualties. One of the other units went into a peaceful village but none of them ever made it out. Other soldiers said that they hit an IED. In addition all of the Vietnam soldiers look alike, even the officers can’t tell the difference between the