Vietnam War Skill Test

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Skill Test #1 – Vietnam war
Throughout the development of countries there has been several conflicts in the form of civil political, and military. However, before we can choose a conflict and look more in-depth to who was apart of it, those actor’s interests, and if there was a compromise. We must understand what a conflict is. A conflict is a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one ("Conflict."). One of those serious disagreement or conflict was the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was strongly influenced by the military forces. In this conflict the country of Vietnam was divided into the north and the south. North Vietnam was a Communist based government while the South was a Republic. The two different government systems
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Disputants are people who have a stake in the dispute and care about the outcome (“Disputants (Stakeholders or First Parties)”). The disputants can be represented as a country, nongovernment organizations, or intergovernmental organizations. Just like many other conflicts the countries and organizations of the Vietnam war had interests in the outcome of the war. One of the know actors of the conflict is the government of North Vietnam. North Vietnam being a communist ran government had other countries that had a similar government whom supported their war efforts. One of these countries being the Peoples Republic of China. Some of the other countries associated with representing the North Vietnam force are Cuba, Soviet Union, and North Korea. The other main actor of the conflict would be the South Vietnam. South Vietnam’s government was a republic style government. The United States had a special interest in this conflict because they were in hope of establishing Vietnam has a government similar to our own. Amongst other countries that supported South Vietnam there were South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, and …show more content…
Some countries expressed their interest of the war though various ways of support. For the Peoples Republic of China and the Soviet Union, they influenced increasingly with logistics and military support has the United States got more involved (“Chinese and Soviet involvement in Vietnam”). China and the Soviet Union were participants of this war because they were set out to expand communism rule throughout all of the Asian hemisphere. As for many of the supporters of South Vietnam Their interest were different. The United States after World War 2 found that the conflicts taking place in Asia needed to have the primary focus now. The United States worked with all of Vietnam in the late years of the 40’s and early 50’s. The point of contact that they were working with during those years was a leader of north Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh spoke to the United States in desires of establishing a government similar to theirs and worked with them to safeguard troops that were shot down in the Asian territories (“US involvement in Vietnam."). Despite all this the United States saw Ho chi minh to be unreliable and deceitful ("US involvement in Vietnam."). There was evidence of the man working with members apart of communist groups. So the United States interest revolved around two things. Their first objective was set on establishing Ngo Dinh Diem has a credible leader (“US