vietnamese coffee Essay

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Name: Hoai Pham
Professor: Samantha Regan
Class: ENG 101 07
Presentation Dec 9 2014

Vietnamese Coffee
Coffee has been migrated to Vietnam in 1880s by colonization of French. Today, It has become the common beverage in population.
Since I was young, to me coffee is an ordinary drink like others, I used to not pay enough attention to brew one and complain why it is so complicated with too many steps. Since I left my hometown to live here, the place of multi-cultures and coffee as well, I realize it is the greatest drink with the art brewing.
Coffee will be the first recommendation for foreign visitor to come Vietnam. It differs to others by blending of dark roast coffee with sweeten condense milk. Making deep biter, sweet taste and good smell. It is very strong; drinking a coffee cup can keep you up in whole day. Brewing a coffee cup is the process of attention and patient. Typically, to make a Vietnamese coffee cup requires an equipment known as filter, dark roast coffee and condense milk. The roast coffee is compressed inside filter, at the bottom of filter has tiny hole led coffee slowly drip in a cup that placed underneath ready by the condense milk, then we add boiling water after that cover filter cup by small cap to “cook” coffee. The slow drippy process extracts the oils, flavor, caffeine out of the coffee beans to generate a dark, dense liquid.
In Vietnam, we don’t have a chain which identical shop like Starbuck, Dunkin Donuts. They just migrated to Vietnam last few year. Those are expensive coffee with the prices more than 5 times