Essay on Vietnamese Culture and Tourists

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Hung Nguyen
ENGL 0349
Prof. McKelvy
Journal #4
Vietnamese Culture and Tourists Have you ever eaten some rice yet? Will you try it? Have you heard about rice products were exporting from Vietnam to many countries in the world? So, Vietnam is the second country of Rice Exporting Products in Asia after Thailand is a neighbor country. Where Vietnam located is? On the International map, Vietnam is below China, and it is the small country in Southeast Asian. It has got an area three-hundred-thirty-thousand square kilometers and eighty-six-millions of population live together in the beautiful country beside East Sea in the Pacific region. Moreover, Vietnam has been the cultural country for four-thousand years for establishing and developing. Let's go to visit Vietnam! Why not? There have many beaches, mountains, lakes, caves, and many beautiful places that will be made more interesting for us. To travel by buses or you are backpacking tourists for everywhere in Vietnam country. Following some of my advices that will help you get an amazing adventure throughout the beautiful country is Vietnam. Let's go! In a first time come to Vietnam please don’t forget some material documents are location maps, telephone numbers, hotel addresses, and information about traveling schedules. We are always carrying them and put into our backpack that essential thing may help us because Vietnam’s administrative formality and procedure is more slowly than some countries in Southeast Asia. For example, check in or check out in Vietnam airports it has taken about thirty minutes while Thailand we just spend during five minutes to leave. However, we might get as well a free training course to challenge our patience as stronger than, alright?
Vietnamese is friendly to all foreign countries, and they like talking with their visitors and greeting them by some English when they are facing, but they can’t be exactly their pronunciation very much. They are peaceful and gentle people live in their farms. Please get some words from Vietnamese language to say hello with them if we have a chance can do it. Vietnamese language is easier learning than English because each word has only one syllable. Vietnamese really likes foreigner is talking their language. We may get friends where you’re living in city, highland, seas, or in the higher mountain and deep valley or everywhere we want. We may go to see beautiful landscape many places in highlands. “Ha Long Bay” is the Seventh Wonder in the world. It is located nearby Hanoi Capital 150 kilometers. To visit Ha Long in this moment is inexpensive and more amazing. For instance, we had been eaten seafood when we didn't have much money in our vacation last year. Backpacking Tour and Crossing Rivers Tour in the South of Vietnam we will be challenging adventure and seeing people are living among Cuu-Long and Mekong Rivers between two countries of Vietnam and Cambodia. We should practice some exercises about swimming before we got trips or we might practice swimming there with a Vietnamese traditional music is “Cai-luong”. Pioneers' people had been living in that region during three-hundred years to now, and they can talk French with you. Moreover, lots of Rice companies to trading and exporting their products to overseas where is not far from Saigon City about four hours of car driving. Cuu-Long is the flatland of the South Vietnam, there has many floating markets in rivers where people to sell and buy goods…