Essay about Vietnamese Food

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Different Types of Vietnamese Foods
Tinh Nguyen
Nufs 144
29 September 2014

Different Types of Vietnamese Foods It is amazing how diverse the various types of culture can be. From country to country, even down to the different states and regions within the same nation. Culture is said to have five basic characteristics; it is learned, it is has symbolic structure, it is shared, and it has the ability to adapt. It is a system consisting of variables that constitute a rational way of life (Vien, 2003). A change in social environments results in a change in culture as well, which is why Vietnam has three different regions. Many times, food is a factor that differentiates cultures from various areas. Within
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The warmer weather supports the growth of more crops such as animals, vegetables and fruits (Food, 2014). Nam Bo cuisine tends to be richer in flavor since they use more sugar, fresh herbs and garlic. A popular dish from South Vietnam is Cha Tom. Cha Tom is shrimp wrapped in sugarcane.
The Central of Vietnam, Trung Bo, is mostly known for their spicy dishes. This region contains the mountainous environment which produces many spices (Food, 2014). The foods in Trung Bo closely resemble the royal cuisine back in ancient Vietnam, very decorative and colorful for the kings and queens (Food, 2014). A popular dish in Central Vietnam is Bun Bo Hue. Bun Bo Hue is a spicy soup with rice vermicelli and beef.
Vietnamese cuisines are infiltrating into America as well. The popular Vietnamese soup, Pho, beef noodle soup has captured the hearts of America (Loh, 2002). Pho cannot be found everywhere in America yet, but it is likely to become the next mainstream Asian cuisine in America (Loh, 2002). There is a couple of states that have Pho restaurant but mostly in California. A Campbell Soup Company has partnered with a Vietnamese American chef to create a refrigeration pho broth to the food service industry (Loh, 2002). Also, Chefs at University of Massachusetts in Amherst started serving Pho once a week in the residential dining halls (Loh, 2002). The school’s director of dining