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Sim Thai Vo
Ms. Lavarini
English 099
16 July 2014
J9: Two Ways of Viewing the River.
This essays discussed about the beauty of the river which was seen in two different ways. He was a young steamboating pilot. This was his first time to see that river’s beauty. He actually felt in love with the scenes along riversides. From its graceful curves to sunset viewing, they made deeply impress on him. He looked bewitched at these sight-seeings. But gradually, with his routines on this river, it was not as beautiful as it had been before. Now he found that its beauty and romance were normal like other rivers, and the important duty was keeping safe for his steamingboat as a pilot did. Trades after trades made him had many questions in his life. He did not know whether he gained or lost from these advantures.
Based on my experience, the author may well be saying that 'firsts' are attended by openness, not judgment, so there is a majesty that can be absorbed. But, over time, and under scrutiny, the details are what are focused on rather than sum of the whole, and thereby something of the pristineness is lost in the examination and study of the minutia that makes up any experience. Kind of like relationships, the 'first blush' 'the honeymoon stage', and then the reality of day to day living being allowed to overshadow that 'first blush'. Like the rule of the nature, no creatures will remains their beauties or appearances long forever. They have to be teared, to be worn out,