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Views on Giving Birth Abroad Recent years, more and more domestic pregnant women choose to give birth abroad, such as Australia, United States and Canada. With the influence of some celebrities and stars, it has become a trend. Focusing on the topic of bear and immigrant, a series of complete industry chains come into being. Organizations for giving birth abroad have sprung up like mash rooms. Why there are so many people choose to give birth abroad? Is it good for us to give birth abroad? Reasons for them to do so vary from person to person. In my view, there are the following reasons. Firstly, give the children a good growth environment. To give a local residential identity and enjoy a good education chance are the most important reasons for pregnant women to give birth abroad. Mrs. King, who comes from Wenzhou, gave birth to a son in Hong Kong last year. She said that the reason why she chose Hong Kong is that her baby can get Hong Kong ID Card right now. It is good for them to leaving or entering the country in the future. Some intermediary agents even declare that if give birth on Saipan, the child will become American citizen after two years old and study at public middle school freely. They can even loan or apply for the scholarship that only American citizens are allowed to apply for. Many parents hold the opinion that gives birth in American will save them a lot of education expense. The American citizen can study freely in public primary school and middle school. College expense only occupies tenth of the oversea students. In a word, from primary school to college, they can save million yuan, comparing with oversea students. Secondly, gain qualified medical service. Mrs. Ye is sure that her choose is right when the first time she examined in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong doctor and nurse’s attitude is very good. They are always patient to answer any question. My obstetrician is a fifty-year-old handsome man. He impressed Mrs. Ye with a sense of safety. Comparing with the suffering of the first bear at home, Mrs. Ye wants her children live in the “safe” Hong Kong. Thirdly, it is good for the whole family immigration. Some parents can apply for getting together with their children if their children are at abroad, which gives hope to these young men who can not realize their dreams by themselves. For example, the American immigration policy allows the native citizen to apply to resident in American for their parents, spouse and children. Once the child is 21 years old, his/her parents can other relatives can apply family reunion visa and get permanent green card lawfully. The parents and relatives can enjoy the housing assistant from government, subsistence allowance and heating allowance every month, Medicare and the right of obtaining employment. Fourthly, get rid of domestic one-child policy. Many of these who give birth abroad is for want to two children or more. They registered their children on other countries are just for getting rid of the domestic one-child policy. There are a lot of companies which are engaged in helping the domestic residence to give birth abroad. Their unique selling points are avoiding the punishment of home one-child policy. However, in addition to the above mentioned advantages, there are also some problems for giving birth abroad. First of all, it is hard to guarantee the service quality. Some intermediary organs charge irregularly. One intermediary organ from Shenzhen indicates that they will make 10,000 yuan from each pregnant