Views on Pornography across Cultures Essay

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Xinyi Chen
Phil 108
The pornography’s definition is different on difference countries. The history of mankind understanding to pornography is constantly changing. As the ancient Greeks started using "pornography" when the word refers specifically to describe life as a prostitute, prostitutes when the price is not low, "porn" one word of praise means more than contempt. Ancient Babylon girl after sexual maturity necessary to Aphrodite temple with the strange man up, otherwise can not back home, man in the overlapping at leave some money, later known as the "religious prostitution". China recorded early of public prostitution, prostitution is considered with rich people move, when people on the pornography obscene no condemnation of means. With the development of social history development, great changes have taken place in the pornography obscene meaning. Especially the spread of modern social pornography obscene products is becoming more and more serious directly affect adolescent sexual misconduct. Therefore, many countries have taken the prohibition or restriction attitude toward pornography obscene articles.

In nineteenth Century, pornography began to spread. French erotic novels had been print since at least the mid-1600s, but the first full-length English pornographic novels, "a woman's memoir fun", also known as "Fanny Hill" (University of Oxford Press) has not been released, until 1748. Science and technology promote porn innovation. In 1839, Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype just you, the original form of photography. Video followed a similar path. By 1896, the French film people to study pornography short, silent film, such as "Le Coucher de la Marie", the strip in which an actress. The hard core of began to appear in 1900. These "deer" is usually displayed in all male party. In the 1970s, change the society opened the door clear film released. The Internet and digital camera of the invention lowers the threshold pornography decision so low, the entire site is now responsible for non-professional video. Viewed from the public observing the “deer film” transferred to the private rental and Internet download type drive to change the display behavior of the screen. Men prefer to watch movies depict specific fetish, sometimes bizarre, sexual behavior. The system study of early erotic computer bulletin board was in Carnegie Mellon University at 1994. People found, 48% downloads is far beyond the main stream, the people depicted bestiality, incest and pedophilia and less than 5% of the download to depict vaginal intercourse. This may be because the magazines and pornographic film the traditional gender coverage. People hold widely divergent opinions on controversial issues with pornography. Sallie Tisdale writes down about her point in book “Pornography Opposing Views”. She affected by another anti-pornography famous feminist Catharine MacKinnon:
“ I take this personally, the effort to repress materials I enjoy – to tell me how wrong it is for me to enjoy it. Anti-pornographic legislation is directed at me: as a user, as a writer. Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin [noted radical feminists who oppose pornography]... are themselves prurient, scurrying after sex in every corner. They look down on me and shake a finger: Bad girl. Mustn’t touch. That branch of feminism tells me my very thoughts are bad, that anything goes... The message of pornography... is that our sexual selves are real.” (Pornography Opposing Views, p29)
However, sexologist Pattin Britton Ph.D had opposite opinions. In his eyes sex is a means of communication of human sexual behavior. Pornography is one of tools, but they can use it to help their clients.
“As a board-certified clinical sexologist, I can tell you that it is common knowledge in my field that sexually explicit films and videos are often recommended as a mode of treatment for couples or individuals with clinical sexual problems. Such