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Developing a Methodology

October 14, 2014
Professor: CHRISTOPHER D. LODGE Course: BUS 375 Project Management
Developing a Methodology
Developing a project management methodology is very important to help assist project managers and associates involved with project. Methodology complete the required tasked faster by creating strategies to handle any problems that may arise as well as reduce cost control and prevent unwanted scope changes. With this being said, John Compton, the president of his company did not know why his company had not taken advantage of developing a project management methodology.
John Compton soon demanded a methodology, giving them a time limit of six months. After reading the case study, it was stated that a consultant had been at the company a year ago stating the benefits of having an Enterprise Project Management methodology, yet the executive staff did not move on such a value. One part of their reluctance was the non-cooperative culture that had risen from staff members being more occupied with their own personal interest instead of the companies and their customers, which in turn would benefit themselves (Loesch, 2012). Many of the executives did not want to lose their position or see another in a higher authority power than them. This type of culture influenced many across the executive team to distrust each other which caused a lack of recognition which also led to improper sharing of “power” information. This inevitably brought up another culture found within the company.
The company also revolved around an isolated culture. The organization appeared to be have its own set of rules within the company, as they played it safe, trying to see how the company would be affected. To add to such carelessness, it seemed as if many of the executives saw themselves as having control and were reluctant to give this all to one person heading the Project Management Office. This is never good. When there is no structure then there is ultimately no foundation, which will only lead to destruction (Huffman, 2004). In this case, the president saw how the company was losing contracts and how project management was suffering, which if let to go on any longer, would lead to the collapse of the company, leaving everyone without a career. For these reasons, it has taken the organization so long to come up with a (EPM). Nonetheless, the EPM is up and going. The question now, is who should the PMO report to?
Speaking to the president Mr. John Compton and the entire company, The Project Management Office should always report to the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), of the company because the CEO can provide much of the resources necessary to help further the project. One reason to report to the CEO is that he/she is closer to the operations side of the project and wants nothing but to help the success of the project. The CEO also helps drive…