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Saint Vincent De Paul Since the beginning of Christianity there has been many saints, however one has always stood out to me. I attend Saint John’s University, and one of the categories this university falls into is it’s a Vincentian university. St. Vincent De Paul has a reputation of helping the poor and living a life of charitable person. He has dedicated his life to helping the poor, and also was a priest of a Catholic Church. St. Vincent De Paul has left irreplaceable marks of Christian values and inspired many people. Vincent De Paul was born in 1581 during the rule of Henry the third in a village called Pouy in Landes located in southern France. Pouy is now named Vincent de Paul in his honer. Vincent de Paul was born into a peasant family. He was the third child of Jean de Paul and Bertrande Demoras who had six children. As a child Vincent worked as a shepherd, soon after that in 1595 Vincent’s father sent him away to boarding school. Vincent’s father recognized that he had a talent and decided to send him to get an education which was rare at the time. This boarding school was located in Dax, and turns out the Judge of Pouy - Monsieur de Comet took an interest in Vincent de Paul and because of him he decided to dedicate his life to priesthood. This was very honorable to the rural people, when a person dedicates his life to the church it meant that they have reached potential happiness. Vincent De Paul was ordained a priest on September 23, 1600 by Francis de Bourdeilles who was an old bishop of Perigueux France. Saint Vincent De Paul was very dedicated in everything that he began. His mission was centered in helping the poor. Although he had did many good deeds he had lived through some very hard times. When he was ordained as a priest he had remained in Toulouse, and was a part time tutor. A little after that he had to go back to Marseilles for an inheritance, when he was coming back he got into a very unfortunate meeting. While being at sea to return back to Toulouse he was captured by Turkish pirates and was taken to Tunis. When they brought him there he was sold as a slave and was a slave there for 2 years, he then managed to escape. He escaped with his master that he was able to convert to Christianity. After that he returned