Vincent: High School and Random Women Home Essay

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Vincent is a homeless male at the age of 23, SS# 123-38-7334. He suffered from Axis 1: schizophrenia. He was on drugs and was physically and mentally abused since the age of 12 by his father. He was afraid of loud noises and is very antisocial. He was also diagnosed anemia and diabetes. Vincent suffered from occupational problems, housing problems, economic issues, as well as psychosocial and environmental problems. Vincent lived with his parents at a young age. Later on, his mother had died and his father then started dating and bringing random women home for sexual pleasure. Vincent witnessed the many sexual relations his father had at the house. Vincent’s dad constantly locked him in the room and abused him. He was also very rarely fed. Due to his past, Vincent dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and never graduated high school. At the age of 18, Vincent’s father kicked him out of the house. That was when Vincent was first introduced to street drugs like cocaine and meth. He also resided on the street because he has nowhere to live. He also went to the hospital multiple times due to the drugs affecting his diabetes where he went into several comas. Vincent tried multiple times to work in construction or minimum wage jobs but never lasted due to the drugs he was still consuming. At the age of 21, he was completely out of money and was forced to steal any fix of drugs he could find, no matter how harmful or lethal it was. After many months of this occurring, he