Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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Vincent Van Gogh was born on the 30th March 1853 in Groot Zundert Holland and died in Auvers-sur-Oise on the 27th July 1890. His brother Theodorus was born four years later on the 1st May 1857. From 1861 to 1864 Vincent went to a village school in Zundert. On the 1st October 1864 his parents sent him to a boarding school at Jan Povily in Zevenbergen,there he learnt to speak English, French and German. Bedroom in Arles

Growing up
Two years later his father became minister in Helvoirt/Brant. In 1873 Vincent was transferred to an art company in London called Goupil & Co. Vincent visited Paris then ,looked at all the museums in the Louvre. Vincent then fell in love with a girl called Eugenie. Vincent then found out that she was in love with another man and was going to get married. Vincent's heart was broken so he went back to Holland for three weeks. He began to study the bible. In 1867 Vincent left his job and decided to go back to London where he then worked as a private tutor at a boarding school. By this time he started visiting art galleries and his health was becoming worse.

Starry Night with Cypresses 1889

His later life
One year later in 1877 he got a job in a book shop in Tolbrugstraatje. Vincent prepared for his entrance exams for the faculty of theology in Amsterdam,where he there stayed with his uncle John Van Gogh. In 1878 he quit the theological studios to enrole in a preparatory course for evangelists in Brussels. He failed to qualify at the mission school in Leaken and returned home to his parents. After abandoning his work Vincent began to draw with passion and he had serious ambitions about