Vinny And Joe-Boy Character Analysis

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Have you ever been to a place where a boy just died? Vinny and Joe-Boy are both characters in a story called “ The Ravine”. They are best friends who live in Hawaii and go to a ravine to cliff jump and swim. There was a dead boy who died there two weeks and one day before they arrived. Vinny and Joe-Boy are different in many ways and similar and some ways.
Vinny is weak. After reading that Vinny’s mom said “Don’t go there. That pond is haunted.I now understand that Vinny couldn’t stand up to his friends and say NO. His friends wanted him to go, but his mom said not to, and he went anyway. He was also worried he was going to find they dead boy. It has been two weeks and one day and no one has found the dead boy.Vinny is afraid that he would find the dead boy. Finally, he was also afraid his friends will make fun of him for being scared. On page 7, Vinny thought his friends “would laugh him right off the island.” It made him feel sad that his friends we’re laughing at him so he went anyways. Joe-Boy is strong and brave. In the selection it says that Joe-Boy jumps “man-style”. This is his ways of showing he stronger than his other friends. Joe-Boy is a mean bully to his friends. On page 4, Joe- Boy said, “ You going jump in and go down and your hand going to touch his face”. This is Joe-Boy teasing and being
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Both boys are 15 teen years old boys that live in Hawaii. On page 3, it says both of them are the same age and live in Hawaii and were born there. Both of them are very superstitious about the Ravine. In the selection it said that both Vinny and Joe-Boy make a stroke of something in mud on their stomachs and they thought it would keep them alive. This means they are very superstitious and believe in their religion. They both speak in dialect during the story. Joe-Boy said, “ You prob’ly stepping right where his foot was. This explains that both Joe- Boy and Vinny with