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Vinny Izzi
Ms. Armijo
History 7, Period 7
13 February 2015

There was a difference between samurai and knights. One was the preperation of becoming a knight or a samurai. Second was the armor they wore in battle. Third was their emotions and how they viewed life. This essay will show the difference form samurai to knights.

Their training was different in many ways. First of all samurai started training at 5 years old, knights trained at seven or eight. The evidence is ''the rigorous training began in childhood...learning to ride a pony by seven or eight." [ document c]. In the training samurai skipped a step because at age 14 they could become a samurai but for the knights they had to become a squrie and then could become a knight a 21. Evidence for this statement is " at about
14 traines offically became a the age of 14, pages were eligible to become a squrie...he would usually become a knight at 21." [ document c].

The second way samurai are different then knights was the armor. One way the samurais armor was different for a knight was knights had a full suit of armor samurais were missing the right arm. The evidence is '' samurai did not wear armor on the right arm... not only was their entire body coverd, knights also wore helmets." [ document d]. The second difference was that samurais armor was made for bow shoots and a knights armor was for swords. Here is the evidence '' small iron scales were tied together...constructed…