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Vintage Gillete safety razor ad Mahdi Ladjouzi ENG - 112 June, 08, 2015 It comes as no shock that most grown men in the world, and of course some women, want or need to shave, whether it would be facial hair, arm hair, or any hair on your body for that matter. Constantly we see commercials and poster ads for different kinds of razors and razor brands to use for shaving. They will always try to get you with the smooth easy razor so that you don't cut yourself and you have smooth skin afterwards. There is an ad from many years ago from the WM. R. Burckhard CO. It shows of a baby shaving his facial hair. It also says, "Gillete safety razor NO stropping NO honing." The ad used Ethos, Logos, and Pathos in the ad to make the best that they can possibly make it. This ad applies most to pathos (emotion), by the fact that it's a baby on the ad shaving his face with a gillete razor, with a smile on his face. When people see this photo, it can affect people in different ways. However the primary focus is that, when people see a baby shaving like this looking so happy, they want to imply that it feels nice and that the razor doesn't hurt, and could make your skin smooth like a babies skin. That will easily get your emotion for excitement and curiosity going. Even if you may like the razor that you're currently using you may want to try this one out because the ad is so appealing, with the genius baby move. It also is a fantastic way of persuasion to adults who may adore babies, and find the ad to be adorable and very inviting. The Ethos (credibility) that is used in this ad is that the ad says "NO STROPPING, NO HONING." Which basically means that the razors that they use have a different kind of blade that won't have a negative effect on you such as, cutting yourself, weak blades, and shaving too deep. Once you read that that instantly would make somebody think that this is a quality razor and is probably much better than my old one. People may have a razor that does the exact opposite of "NO STROPPING, NO HONING" which in turn would be perfect for them. Some people may have never shaved before, but after seeing that and hearing about other shaving problems this may compel them to get this one. These kinds of quotes deliver a sense of interests to a different variety of people which is what makes them so effective and successful. The logos (reasoning) used in this ad is that the target audience