Violance Against Woman Act Essay

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Jesse Caballero
In 1994 congress passed the Violence Against Women Act, it was a landmark that the entire nation agreed should be made, as well as cops treating their own, as private family matters, and not crimes. After reauthorization, and almost 20 years later, big advocates and researchers are wondering if, the original intent of VAWA, which is to make cops the ones to be the main tool used, if it was the right thing to do. The prosecution rates have raised 60 plus percent, but the incidents are happening more and more. Furthermore, domestic violence is highly rated as not being reported, when it does happen.
I feel this is a “trial and error” situation. Yes, there is crime, there are serious crimes. In the older generations, if you hit a woman, that didn’t mean much. She may have done something “wrong” in your eyes, so you feel the need to ‘punish; her, as if she’s a child. Unfortunately, these days you cannot do that, which is rightly so. To me it is not, “women are inferior and weaker than men”… It’s more of just plain natural rights. In my eyes, you shouldn’t hit anyone out of anger – now I’ve made the mistake of hitting someone, because I’m mad – nevertheless, it was a onetime thing. So now, I believe in order for every gender to be equal, that there if the law is harsher on men who hit women, than women who hit men, deserve the same justice, and punishment. It is not, “male hit female” or “female hit male”. It is simply, “one human, hit another human out of…