Violation Of Human Rights In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Violation of Human Rights During the Holocaust in Germany, many human rights were violated, which can be read in the memoir Night. The memoir Night was about Eliezer, a twelve year old boy trying to survive the Holocaust with his father. The UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) is all the human rights and some of them are being violated in the Holocaust. Every human has the right to be free from slavery, away from torture and degrading treatment, and free from arbitrary arrest and exile. Freedom from slavery was a significant human right violated in the memoir Night. Continuing, Moche the Beadle escaped from the group of deportees, he warned everybody of what’s going to happen. He explained how they would be kept as prisoners in concentration camps. According to the text, “They’re taking us for prisoners, keeping us to do their work!” Based on this information, we can tell that the Germans kept the Jews as slaves. Also, Eliezer was forced to do work in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. “You will work every day, if not you shall die!” According to the text, we can tell that the male Jews were forced to work against their will. This human right was violated basically because nobody has …show more content…
For instance, the foreign Jews being deported out of Sighet. German soldiers expelled all the foreign Jews out into the camps. According to the text, “Then one day they expelled all the foreign Jews and were never heard of since.” Based off of this information, we can tell that the foreign Jews were being taken as prisoners. Not to long after, the German soldiers came to take all the Jews that were not foreign. The author states, “They’re taking us out of the ghetto and making us move to the camps.” Based on the text, we can tell that the Jews were expelled from the ghetto. This is against their human rights and this treatment is