Essay about Violence Against Women

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Jasper Shorter

Violence against women has plagued humankind for as long as we can remember. While most people see it as an issue that women have to constantly fight against, the article, “Involving
Men In Efforts to End Violence Against Women,” gives the most direct solution, which is to involve men in the fight. The article starts off by stating the feminist reason that men must be a part of the prevention of violence is because men are mostly the ones committing these violent acts. They also tie in a cultural aspect in that the socially constructed dominance that males have also plays into violence against women. Therefore, men must be involved to break down this idea of masculinity.
The vast majority of this article was composed of explaining the Six Levels of
Intervention. The first level: Strengthening Individual Knowledge and Skills, talked about giving males more information about female violence so that they would not only reduce their chances of committing these crimes, but also prevent others from doing so as well. It focused on targeting the youth so as to create a foundation of understanding the immorality of violence against women. The second level was similar to the first, in that it’s focus was on “promoting community education.” They found that students who received violence prevention education had more empathy towards victims of violence than those who didn't receive that type of education.
Although they did mention that just because men had better attitudes toward violence against women, didn’t necessarily mean that they were less likely to commit violent acts.

The third level centered more around adults and described the advantages of educating those in the workforce. They offered the idea of workplace training to improve the attitudes of men towards violence against women.
The fourth level referenced community projects that could be