Essay on Violence and Good Guy

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Does The Media Affect Peoples Cultural Perspectives?
Presently, the media affects a person’s cultural perspectives more negatively than positively. “Is the good guy really the good guy? For the most part, TV programs have characters who are not good role models. Even superheroes can have negative influences on the way people dress, the way they behave, and the way they think. It also affects the value system of people. It affects their values by influencing their views. It also affects people’s perspectives; it affects their aspects their perspectives by changing the way they view certain people. The media affects the way people dress. I’ve observed many people see a celebrity wear something, and instantly they go out and buy it. “Some teen girls imitate the revealing, suggestive styles of certain pop stars. These celebrities seem to relish wearing degrading clothing.” (The Restored Church Of God) One, I had a friend who always dresses conservative, until she seen a video vixen wear a revealing dress. That next day, she came to school with a dress similar to the one in the video; she got a lot of attention that day from boys. After that day, she and I barely talk. The media affects people’s behavior as well. Studies show 74% of violent behavior is result of violent TVs. shows and video games. 63% of what people learn comes from the media, TV’s, magazines and newspapers. For instance, Miley Cyrus used to be a sweet, country-singing, horseback riding girl; now after years of being in the media, and seeing how other celebrities act, she’s a good girl gone badly. She dresses crazy and her lyrics are just plain crazy. “Exposure to violent media can temporarily arouse people physiologically whereby a person’s heart rate and blood pressure increase. The same physical changes that occur in a person’s body during a real life threat are the same ones that occur when there are watching violent or fearful images.” (2012 The New Media Foundation)
Over the years the mentalities of people have changed due to the media. Years ago, people used to sing and rap about love, struggles and happy