Violence and Media Essay

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The effect of media is profound and far-reaching. All over the world, the media influences our values and

intrudes upon our deep-seated ideologies and beliefs. Indeed the media has been a powerful force in

influencing people’s perceptions, and more importantly, their behavior as well. Business, politicians, and

showbiz personalities pay huge sums of money to media firms in order create an image or change an existing

one. Politics in particular, has been making use of the media to generate public support for their campaigns

and support for certain policies and legislations. Mass media violence influences people around the globe to

repeat or attempt to recreate something that the media had portrayed. Today in this world's society any type

of violence,whether it be sexual,physical or emotional has become socially acceptable. This has caused

multiple assaults,murders,and other crimes committed by not only adults and adolescents but young children.

Today's technology has improved well over the years and has became an everyday thing in every person'a

lives. This also gave people the power to create games,movies and television shows that depict any type of

violence they please,which can lead to real world violence and can ruin not only that person'a life but change

the victim and victims family's life. Mass Media is responsible for violent crimes committed everyday. Media

through television,radio,newspaper,magazine,and the internet can persuade the average person to do the most

craziest,random act. This is why so many rated "MA" games are selling so great in today's world to everyone.

Television is one of the biggest part in Mass Media influence. Almost every person on this Earth can have

access to a television. Television throughout the years has changed considerably. Years back sex,drugs,and

violence were barely used,but in today's television world the boundaries are getting farther and producers are

getting the chance to put what ever they want whether it influences someone to become violent or not in

today's world sex,drugs,money is the way to live and if you don't have or do these three things you're nothing

in society and people simply don't respect you and you must have these to become something to society and

the world. Television shows depict people that are violent and do drugs and have sex as strong,powerful

,successful people in the world. These people on television get the hottest partner and have the best homes

and lives around. This would of course influence the viewer to try the actions that the television show depicts

and cause a chain reaction of violence around the world. Indeed, the power of the media to affect our

behavior has long been proven. Among the most pressing issues about media nowadays is how the

proliferation of media violence can affect society. People have long believed that constant and

chronic exposure to violence through various forms of mass media can erode the values of an individual,

especially if the person does not have a strong system of moral support. (Croteau & Hoynes 23) However

while it is easy to say that violence in media has an adverse effect in society, there are scholars who

argue that it is not media per se that causes the negative effects, rather it is a complex interplay of many

elements in society, and media is but one element in the issue.Media violence and its effect

on society cannot be separated from these other factors and therefore, media alone cannot be held responsible

for violence in society. As such, this paper intends to understand media violence and its effects on society by

understanding the issues that underlie the argument.Violent behavior has long been a source of confusion

among sociologists, psychologists and society in general. While there have been many extensive researches

that have attempted to study,