Essay on Violence and Mom S Thoughts

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Grendel’s mom’s thoughts from her point of view during Grendel’s first encounter with humans on pages 26 to 29. Grendel’s mom as she paces anxiously back and forth across her dark cave. “Where is he? He has never been gone for so long before. It’s getting dark I should go look.” She exits the cave in a hurry knocking things over as she clumsily sped towards the door. The moment she left the cave she heard a great howl, one that could only have come from her son. “He’s in trouble,” the pounding of her heart could be heard from a mile away. She swallowed an immense amount of air and released a shriek so deafening it froze the hearts of men in every living mead hall and froze all life in the surrounding forests. Whatever she said came out as a frightening moan that no creature could understand. “I’m coming Grendel, run away if you can,” she moaned causing the men to scatter in fear of the source of these blood curdling sounds. “Are you OK son, are you hurt?” Grendel laid limply on the ground having fallen from a tree. “You should have listened to me!” Grendel remained motionless. She shook him violently, hugged him and then gave up. She started to drag him back to their den. She cared him through the night, never leaving his side until he regained consciousness. “Grendel what were you doing out there talking to men, they are only violent!” Grendel starred back blankly being as he only heard mumbles and groans with no logical connection between them. She yelled louder…