Violence In 1984 Essay

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The present time can relate to George Orwell's 1984. Media and violence play major roles in both todays society and society in Orwell's 1984. Violence is depicted throughout 1984, from bombs dropping out of the sky, to the unforgiving room 101. Violence occurs in peoples everyday lives today. It can be seen in movies, video games, the streets, and so on. Big Brother and the government manipulate the media to portray their view of things to the people. Individuals can argue that the government, and major icons of the world today manipulate the media.
Big brother was the face of the government and the face of the people. It can be argued that he controlled the media, and what came out of it. People’s main source of media was through telescreens.
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Oceania, where the setting of the book takes place, was at war with Eurasia. Rockets and bombs were constantly being propelled and landing in the streets of Oceania. People were punished if they committed thought crime, They were beaten, or even taken to the dreaded room 101. During the two-minute hate, which is depicted in 1984, citizens are given the opportunity to rage for two minutes at movies and stories that they are shown through a screen. A woman is killed and showed to the crowd, and they begin to laugh as if it is a normal thing to them. Afterward Big Brother is always shown and everyone calms down. Violence is seen all throughout this novel, war is ongoing between three provinces. There is a room dedicated to revealing people’s biggest phobias and fears. Brutal beating are also taken place in this dreaded room. In today’s time, violence has become more regular, and humans are adapting to it rapidly. Riots are acted out across our nation where people are often killed or injured, and they protest against occurrences or people. Usually the president will address the factor afterwards to calm the riot down. Violence is normal in today’s society; we are exposed to constant movies and games portraying violent material. People are also acting out violence in the real world. They’re shooting up schools, bombing places or activities. The United States is at war against Terrorism and everybody who threatens