Violence In A Long Way Gone

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Violence is considered one of the greatest sins humans can inflict on each other. ‘A Long Way Gone’, written by Ishmael Beah, describes the tragedy of child soldiers fighting in African struggles for power. Beah goes into every minute detail of the everyday occurrences that happen to child soldiers like him. Violence can change a person’s life; both the mental and physical aspects of a person can be degraded and changed. The nature of violence is cold and unforgiving, and any simple mistake can be the end of your life. Beah’s novel shows the nature of violence and the effects on a soldier’s body both short-term and long-term. The after-effects can completely alter someone. Violence has a strong impact on anyone caught in its wake. Beah’s memoir of his adolescent life showed me the impact of violence on child soldiers and the effects it had on their lives. Early in the novel, Beah was swept into the conflict without much choice. From the beginning, Beah was affected by the war when he was separated from his parents. I saw the struggles of a young boy forced to scavenge …show more content…
When he is given shelter by UNICEF, I was given a better understanding of the effects that a war can have on these people. It seemed that the kid’s innocence had escaped them and their childhood was lost. Beah could no longer trust in other people. ‘I was very suspicious of people’s intention. I had come to believe that people befriended only to exploit one another.’ (153). Although only teenagers, many of these kids were stealing, doping, and destroying property. A Long Way Gone gave me a much better insight in the effects that warfare has on young children. It causes them to change for the worse. These child soldiers became reliant on drugs in order to survive. Trust was no longer part of their lives and families were split. The consequences of these issues are horrifying. Violence changes everything in the lives of those