Violence in Public Health Essay

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Andrew Lancaster
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Week 4: Violence

“The Popular Kid” is a person that everybody knows of and has familiarity with the type of personality such a character brings forth. We’ve all seen these characters at some point in our life, and I’m sure most people have been jealous of their high status. From my experience there are many more reasons as to why someone would attack “the popular kid”, but there is two reasons I would like to focus in on. First, “the popular kid” is the center of attention; he/she is the talk of the school. Everyone is watching these people; what they do, how they act, who they hang out with. Essentially, the popular kid is the easy target, and no one really feels that bad for attacking them because they think these individuals are unaffected because of their social standing. Yet, this is not the case. No matter how popular the person may be, even for celebrities and superstars, verbal abuse can cut right through the heart. There is a flaw in almost everybody that makes him or her self conscious, and when that soft spot is hit, hardly anything can hurt more. Another reason why popular individuals are easy to attack is jealousy. When others see a level of popularity status at a level unattainable to them, they chose to verbally abuse those individuals in order to feel better about themselves. Even if it doesn’t elevate someone’s social status, it still makes him or her feel better to say that a popular individual has a flaw, whether it actually