Essay on Violence in Schools

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Amy Shepherd
English 1302
Monday and Wednesday

Violence in Schools In many schools violence is one of the major negative problems in schools today. Whether it be in elementary, middle school, high school, or college it happens everywhere. The question that stands before you today is why? Why do fights break out in schools? There are many reasons why, but I believe there are three main categories such relationships with others, victimization and reputation that cause violence in schools all around the world. Violence in schools has been an on-going problem since before anyone can remember. It almost seems its human nature to be violent. Parents are blaming school authorities, but they do not know that they are also related in this activity indirectly (Root Causes of School Violence). Meaning that maybe the parents could be the problem in teaching their kids how to behave in tough situations at school. This is an example of relationship with parents being a cause of violence.
Maybe the parents need to open their minds and see what might be the problem that has their kids acting out. Sometimes students who don’t have a good healthy relationship to the people close to them or anyone around them they do act out to achieve the attention they want. They might adopt the way that their peers see as someone worthy of gaining attention. Students who have a significant other and that significant other has hurt them, or they saw their ex-significant other with another person the student would get jealous, angry and all these negative feelings if they were super close together. Sometimes the student would act on those negative feelings. In my own personal experience, I’ve seen many violent fights happen because of the significant other.
Students tend to have cliques, or a group of friends and peers, that they have around them. The group of friends, according to Simon fuller, “might become jealous and their envy might manifest in arguments between the student and [their] friends . . . even result in breaking of friendships.” That student might then become a loner and bullying just might take place and cause stress and provoke the student to become violent.
On Monday, August 27, 2012 at Perry Hall School in Maryland, a school shooting happened on the campus. 15-year old Robert Gladden brought a pre-1968 shotgun to school (columbine angels). In what I’ve read the young boy and his father have been bullied but they did not disclose anything further on the matter. This is a prime example of a young student being victimized by his peers and seeing it happen to his father. It could make anyone reality a little twisted, so twisted in fact that it could make anyone go insane with anger.
For young Robert Gladden to watch his father being bullied just as he was probably put a lot of stress on the boy and soon he just became tired of it and acted on his emotions instead of keeping them hidden inside. From my personal experience, people who can’t express themselves to other people tend to keep all their emotions hidden from everyone until the last straw is removed causing an outburst of emotions to take over and blind the holder with their emotions that they kept in for so long.
Another reason