Violence In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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The lottery is a short story written by Shirley Jackson. It’s an event that happens every year and the community picks someone to get stoned each year. A man named Mr. Summers runs the lottery every year and it has been a long going tradition. However, the lottery needs to stop because it’s teaching kids that violence is ok, people are turning against each other, and all of the other villagers have stopped. It is a bad thing because it causes people to be nervous and to be anxious. For all of these reasons we need to stop the lottery.
Having this lottery teaches kids to be violent. For example, when Mrs. Hutchinson was stoned, there were younger children around and they are seeing all of this bad stuff happen. The people who stoned her are bad influences to them because they will think that it’s ok to do this. If we end the lottery, nobody will have to worry about this and the children will do the right thing instead. However, the kids joined in on the stoning but they got their pebbles and started throwing those instead. The lottery is giving people bad vibe and are showing children how to be evil.
Additionally, the lottery is
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Nobody wants to be picked because they know that they will suffer the consequences. For example, Mr. Summers put slips of paper into the black box and each member of the family draws a name. Mrs. Hutchinson’s name was picked and everyone approached her and she ended up getting stoned to death. The villagers realize that the prize is actually getting stoned. If the lottery continues every year, at one point there wouldn’t be anyone in the village because they would be dead. Some people think that we should keep the lottery because it’s a tradition but I think that it should end because there is no point in it because the “prize” isn’t an exciting