Violence in Society Essay

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Violence in Society
All over the world there is and has been, for as long as we can remember, violence between nations, organizations and individual peoples. Violence of human beings comes in all sorts of ways and images. Violence: acts of aggression in extreme cases such as assault/harassment, rape, and murder. It is the act of purposely bringing harm to another being. Aggression can come suddenly, or gradually grow in situations, but all ends up as a form of adrenaline and an extra push in the direction of violence. Maybe individuals are aggressive out of instinct- for defending or protecting- maybe it’s a search for vengeance or maybe simply because he/she are evildoers. But people don’t just become evildoers, there are things, events, spots in their history line (even the smallest occurrences can affect the way a person is or thinks) that have caused them to become or act as they do. Aggression, in a word, grows on people. Ever since a very young age, people are exposed to aggression in one way or another; if they are exposed too much, then it may cause damage.
Some can handle more damage than others; this is a mental or genetic inheritance. Meaning, if two young and unrelated men were taken out of the same or very similar environment, if they were raised the same way and each with the same amount of exposure, one would most likely take on more or less mental damage than the other. Theoretically, this is inherited through the parents or genes carried by generations of that family. This theory developed from the idea/debate of Nature vs. Nurture. These are certain aspects of behavior being a product of either genetically inherited (nature) or learned and developed characteristics (nurture).
Violence of warfare is written on the soldiers who come home and on the families torn from their loved ones. War has been going on all throughout our written history, and far before. War between countries, nations, city-states, empires & whatever other type of civilizations- they’ve all had it.
Some believe its human nature, that we were designed or crafted this way. That it’s in our DNA to fight, war and the painful hunger of power is what makes us human. I believe otherwise.
I believe that our emotions, imagination, knowledge and that irresistible crave for more knowledge and understanding and need to make a difference in the world; this is what makes us human. The fact that we don’t just take what we need and call it good, but take everything we can and make more. Not greed, but stubbornness. We can’t accept the fact that what we see is all there is. So we find more and create more. And somewhere along the line is our realizations of just how complex the world is, we screwed up. Something steered our sails in the wrong direction. We humans became power fueled – that crave for knowledge became greedy for power. With power we became corrupt, angry and fumed with hatred. We became Violent. Of course we are not all anger and hatred, we just have enough to cause war. This is an opinionative overview of violence as a one, as a whole species; and is definitely an over simplification. This is the view of violence in human beings, not the view of the human race itself. If it were, I doubt human beings would still be around; we wouldn’t have survived as long as we have. Not everyone is violent, some may have the ability of overall control of themselves, some aren’t tempted by violent ways whatsoever; but each and every individual has his/her own experience and/or form of aggression, and not all, but many of us choose violence to let it out.
There have been many cases in murders such as serial killers Jeffery Dahmer, or Carl Panzram, H.H Holmes and so many others who took innocent lives, not out of anger, revenge, or for