Violence In Sports

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We can find violence in all sports now especially in hockey, like when Marc Savard got hit on his head by the Pittsburgh forward Matt Cooke. Cooke who did the hit was not even suspended by the league and Savard got lucky because this hit almost cost him the rest of the season and probably his career in hockey. All contact sports contain certain levels of violence, but they also include long penalties for excessive use of force. The reason for all is mainly because violence draws in the fans and makes the headlines. The truth is that we need violence in our sports for a couple of reasons. One, we need to be entertained when we see fights and hits, also we like it when our favourite players do it. Two, we need the release of tension. Most people would prefer not to be attacked by a 250-lb athlete, but watching it happen to someone else gives us the fun without the bumps and bruises.
Mainly illegal drugs like steroids end up causing illegal acts, including threats, verbal abuse, and actual physical harm, of both the legal and illegal variety. Fans are often just as violent as the athletes they admire, whether they get into fights over the a game or rioting after a team's big win or loss. The major problem that we are facing is that people love to see violence. There is a human natural reaction to violent acts, and because the athletes doing these hits are famous to start with, they are considered "part of the game." Whether or not violence during a game should be criminal is an issue that is argued from both sides. Why should a man be able to break another man's neck on an ice rink and not get punished, while if that same thing happened on the