Violence In Stephen Crane's Maggie A Girl The Streets

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In America today, there are still areas where violence is what kids are raised into because there community isn’t a place where people can’t make it out , because they either end up dead or in a penitentiary. Such as in Stephen Crane’s book Maggie A Girl of the Streets he creates a sense of hopelessness to describe the life of a young girl who stayed in tenements which is over populated apartments with ten to fifteen people sleeping in one room in Bowery, New York in the late 1800’s and how The streets have affected her mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout her
Lifetime. Crane in Maggie creates this type feeling through crime,
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There has been authors who have written sources talking about
Crane’s book Maggie and what they thought about his type of writing and his amazing
Style, “ The fight for identity and legitimacy begins at an early age , especially for
Children from Bowery”(44) this was by Jordan L. Von Cannon he wrote this source to show
How Crane channels the site’s difficult history into his discourse on slums through his
Writing and how he wrote the