Violence In Susan Glaspell's A Jury Of Her Peers

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Many women were suffering domestic violence. As women were fighting for their rights in the 1900s, many females were beaten and isolated. In “A Jury of Her Peers” Mrs. Hale found a clue: “…Mrs. Hale’s mind that the rocker didn’t look in the least like Minnie Foster- the Minnie Foster of twenty years before”(191). The rocking chair represents how life changed for Minnie Foster after marriage. When Mrs. Hale looks at the chair, she does not think it fit for Minnie; she cannot envision seeing her on the old, beat up chair. This significant object means who Minnie turned out to be after all those boring years of marriage. Minnie was isolated and just did what her husband wanted. Then, Minnie explains to Mr. Hale how Mr. Wright died: “‘He died of a rope around his neck,’ says [Minnie]” (192). This shows …show more content…
She skill him because there was no other way for her to escape from Machismo. After, Mrs. Peters found one of the clues that the men did see it as a clue: “ ‘Oh-her fruit,’ she said, looking to Mrs. Hale for sympathetic understanding… ‘She worried about that when it turned so cold last night. She said the fire go out and her jars might burst’ ” (193). Men laugh at her because they believe that this clue doesn’t make any sense to their investigation. The jars of fruit shows Minnie herself stayed on the shelf and unbefriended on the farm, until the coldness of her marriage, her life in general broke apart. Her secrets kept under pressure burst from their fragile containers. The women found the most important clue in this story and comprehend why Minnie Foster killed her husband:“‘It’s the bird, she whispered… ‘Somebody wrung its neck,’ said she, in a voice that was slow and deep” (199). The canary had its neck broken and used to sing. This canary symbolizes the way in which Minnie Wright was remembered as Minnie Foster with a "white dress and blue ribbons" and used to sing in the choir, slowly had all of the life choked out of her by John