The Effects Of Violence In Video Games

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The Effects of Violence in Video Games
Video games are popular amongst people of all ages, gender, and cultural upbringing. As time moves on, video games become more realistic. The realism in these games make it seem as though the player is actually in the game committing violent acts, such as, fighting and killing. There have been many arguments throughout the media and people on whether or not violent video games will increase violent behavior in the player. Even though the video game industry is booming in popularity, the controversy remains. This paper will look at the realism of the games specifically in the violent aspect. As well as, the media’s view and the impact it has on young adults and children.
First, the video game industry is increasing every year and is worth over $74 billion dollars according to a report from the technology advisory firm Gartner Inc. . It is projected to make about $115 billion dollars by the year 2015. “ On the internet, the student regularly searches for web sites involving violence, weapons, and other disturbing subjects” ( Anderson, et al., 3). Video games can take you to another world and take you away from day to day stresses, no wonder the popularity increases every year. Games allow you to compete and be challenged and can stimulate the persons mind. Playing video games can also relieve tension and aggression by shooting, killing, or fighting the opponent, but can this cause violence in real life situations? Studies and reports show people debating on if violent video games effect the behaviors on people. Surprisingly, the average gamer is 35 years old. Contrary to popular belief that most users are adolescents.
Furthermore, games such as Call of Duty, which is a first person shooters game, allows one to pursue other players in the goal of shooting and killing them. Call of duty is a war game, that involves two teams. For example, the US military versus terrorists or other entity. This game could effect a young persons mind by demonstrating hostility toward others. The intense graphics of shooting, knifing, blood, and overall gore could influence the behavior of the player. “We, as americans, have birthed many violent institutions that appeal to the voyeuristic inclination in so many of us to watch someone taking a beating, just so long we aren’t the ones on the receiving end of a fist, or a foot, or a hard tackle” (Morales, 299 ). Similarly, Mortal Kombat is another video game that can induce violent behavior. Fighting until death, or as the game refers to as a “Fatality”. Two teams, one good and one bad, confront each other in a fantasy world to fight each other in a competition between mortals and immortals. The game is filled with fist-fighting, pulling out organs and bones, etc. These games are amongst the most popular and could possibly have a negative effect on a persons actions and behaviors.
Moreover, the media such as television and internet have linked video games to real violent acts. “Other violent crimes have also been linked by the news media to violent video games including a violent crime spree in Oakland, CA., January 2003” ( Anderson,, 3). These acts have transcended to school shootings, which have been plaguing our youth for the past decade. These shootings have been increasing over time and the media will sometimes question the influence video games play in these acts. Looking deeper into the games, the person playing already has an idea of what a killing actually looks