Violence: Ku Klux Klan and Violence Essay

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Eng 24

Before reading the book” Violence”, by James Gilligan, I always thought violence is violence no matter how it happen or acquired it still end the same with way by someone dying. However, Gilligan breaks down violence into three different parties called pathos, tragedy and morality play. Gilligan’s gets real specific about violence with the victims and the victimizers. Throughout my years of living each year a family member, friends or peers dies from violence. These horror events that happen to us human sometimes can be prevent and when most of the time it can’t be prevented. This was stated in the book violence with natural disasters, such as tornados and hurricanes and earthquakes, that’s us human being have no control over which is called pathos. Then he states that tragedy is a part of violence when a person kills intentionally and with premeditation which is called murder. Also, there’s morality which I find a little confusing in the book it states that it’s the contrast of pathos and tragedy, it’s the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong. Now violence as tragedy is something we can try to prevent and control. Gilligan say “What we need see-if we are to understand violence and to prevent it- is that human agency or action is not only individual; it is also, unavoidably, familial, societal, and institutional.” That one line stands out to me the most because majority of the deaths that acquire are murders. Most victimizers or perpetrator commits violent acts because their environment and social actions. It’s like there’s a switch in there head that makes that innocent child grows into a vicious killer. In America history slavery was one of many cruelties done to mankind for hundreds of years. I never understand why the British would ship to Africa to enslaved black people and bring them to America. Then when the black slaves want to be free they started a gang called the “Ku Klux Klan”. The “KKK” use to terrorizing innocence black people for wanting to have equal rights just like the white people. By the fear and hate against black people many innocence black people died just for being black. This tragic event is still going on from this day on with white and black violence or just being discriminating against other skins color or different ethnicity.
. Honesty, I think all death are tragedies because loosing someone is very painful, but then again there’s that how is happen? For instance, a few years back in 2007, my family hometown Jamaica was hit by hurricane Dean. Most islands knew that Hurricane Dean was heading there way but couldn’t prevent the severe winds and heavy rain from destroying thousands of homes and killing half of dozen innocence people. This is a perfect example of pathos violence that happens throughout the world from many upcoming events. The “Act of God” they call these natural disasters I like that name for these uncontrolled events. As much as meteorologist tries to predict the weather there’s no way on stopping these natural disaster for killing people. In additional to violence there’s morality play, which differs from pathos and tragedy but it play major part in violence to state the